What do do when there’s no snow or in off-season

Wintertime right now in the Northern Hemisphere is a great time to be outdoors in the mountains and on the snow slopes.  Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, mountaineering, or other outdoor pursuits this time of year, there’s nothing like the scenery and the crisp fresh air outside.

Much of the Northern Hemisphere’s mountains and northern latitudes are blanketed with snow right now, making it a great time to enjoy snow sports outside.  But, what if you are in the Southern Hemisphere right now, where it’s summertime?  Or, what if you don’t have access to snow often and it’s only a special trip once or a few times a season that can take your outdoors to enjoy your favorite winter sports?  That’s where a variety of fun indoor games can satisfy you, whether it’s the off-seasons or just a rest day in between long sessions on the slopes.

There are a variety of different indoor games that can be played. You can even play a variety of indoor sports, of course.  But, if you like to enjoy the outdoors and nature with your sports, or if you just want to rest and not engage in strenuous physical activity, that’s where gaming comes into the picture.  Especially in the past 10 years, electronic gaming has become very popular with a large segment of the population.  This can be played alone or with others, especially online over the Internet.

However, to enjoy your time with others, it’s often more fun and social to play more traditional games indoors.  These can be board games, more in-depth strategy game, or various party games.  One other very popular category is table games that are part-sport and part-games, such as table tennis or table soccer which is also noon as foosball.  These games are provided in many clubs, schools, and other places that have games.  They somewhat a sport as you do need to move around and there’s a physical component, but they’re also not typically an intense serious sport the way most people play it as a casual game.

We’ll talk about table tennis or otherwise known as ping pong more later in a future article.  We’ll focus on table soccer or foosball in this post.  There are a variety of types of foosball tables available in the market, which fit various budgets and seriousness of the players.  Like all products, you need to see what level of investment you want to make and what is most worthwhile for your particular needs.  One resource that we’ve found helpful to learn about foosball tables, read reviews, and shop for best prices is www.thescoutingreport.org.  They have easy to read guides on different foosball tables and what would make a good choice for your home or clubhouse.

Indoor table games are a wonderful way to pass the time with family or friends during the off-season or as rest days between enjoying outdoor sports in the winter.  Have fun and we’ll see you next time!